IMRA’s Femtolite F/G/H Series of compact, fiber lasers systems are an ideal femtosecond source for metrology applications in industrial environments.  They are also a great replacement for the Ti:Sapphire laser in a scientific setting.  The wavelength range of the F/G/H series is 805, 810, and 1620 nm.  Uniquely, the HX-150 delivers simultaneous dual outputs of 810 and 1620 nm.

The Femtolite FD Series laser is designed to deliver femtosecond laser pulses by flexible fiber cable.  This allows for the integration of the FD laser with existing systems, such as microscopes, with minimum modification.

The Femtolite F/G/H and FD lasers are suited ideally for the fields of imaging and spectroscopy.

At-A-Glance Series Comparison:

F | G | H

Central Wavelength Range:

805 – 1620 nm

Average Power Range:

≥ 100 mW – ≥ 200 mW

Pulse Duration Range:

≤ 100 fs – ≤ 140 fs


230 x 193 x 76 mm³

Repetition Rate:

75 ± 10  MHz


Central Wavelength Range:

1045 nm

Average Power Range:

≥ 1.0 W

Pulse Duration:

≤ 200 fs


500 x 540 x 270 (mm³)

Repetition Rate:

50 ± 5 MHz

Power Modulation:

internal AOM, <1 µs