DE Series

High Pulse Energy Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

The DE Series, based on IMRA’s patented Fiber Chirped Pulse Amplification (FCPA) technology, provides sufficient pulse energy for selected material processing at faster rates.  The DE Series allows users to choose between high energy operation up to 50 μJ or high average power of 30 W. The DE ULTRA provides users with an integrated harmonic generation option to convert its output to Green and UV wavelengths.

Product Features:

  • Factory set up to 5 MHz repetition rate available
  • Air-cooled, water-cooled
  • Regulatory certifications available
  • Mechanical reliability complies with MIL-STD-810F and IEC 60601 standards
  • Remote diagnostic testing and in-field configuration

Laser Specifications:





1045 nm

Average Power:

≥ 10 W

≥ 20 W

≥ 30 W

Pulse Duration:

≤ 350 fs

≤ 400 fs

≤ 400 fs

Pulse Energy:

≥ 50 µJ

≥ 20 µJ

≥ 30 µJ


≤ 1.3

Repetition Rate:

200 kHz

1000 kHz

1000 kHz

  • Pulse Select: Allows users to select up to 15 pre-set repetition rate values; typical pre-select repetition rates range from 100 kHz to 5 MHz
  • Pulse Pick: From an on-demand single pulse to the standard pulse repetition rate.
  • Pulse Flex: A combination of Pulse Select and Pulse Pick; offers the possibility to operate the laser from an on-demand single pulse all the way up to 5 MHz
  • Burst Mode: Provides bursts of pulses within predetermined boundary conditions