About IMRA

Through its mission, “World Harmony through the Development and Sharing of Science and Technology,” established by Mr. Minoru Toyoda, honorary advisor to the All AISIN Group, IMRA has become the world leader in the research, development, manufacture, and application of ultrafast lasers.

IMRA America (Institut Minoru de Recherche Avancé) was founded in 1990 in Ann Arbor, MI and has become a key member of a global set of companies anchored by the All AISIN Group of Japan, which is the world’s third largest manufacturer of automotive components.

As an AISIN organization, IMRA America is dedicated to creative research and innovation leading to the development of essential technologies for future industrial use. To achieve this, IMRA America has assembled a team of top-notch researchers and engineers from many disciplines and regions, including some of the brightest talent offered by the international scientific community.

Throughout the early 1990s, IMRA performed fundamental research on ultrafast fiber lasers.  The scientific advancement gained from this research ultimately led to the development of IMRA’s first commercial product in 1995, the Femtolite.  IMRA has continued to expand its research base, and transitioned into product development to serve industrial markets.

Today, the company operates with strong product development and engineering competencies, high-volume manufacturing capability, and rigorous quality control benchmarked to industrial standards. As the oldest and most experienced femtosecond fiber laser company, IMRA’s history reflects the successful implementation of breakthrough technologies into everyday life.

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