Fluorescent Protein Imaging

Red Ca2 + fluorescent protein (R-CaMP1.07) in mouse brain neuron cell at 250 µm from the surface using the IMRA Femtolite FD, D-FD-1000S.

Using fluorescent proteins as labels, fluorescent protein imaging enables a broad range of experimental observations in cells and tissues. The emission of these proteins—GFP, BFP, YFP, RFP, and others—can help determine the location and dynamics of genes, molecules, and proteins.  The Femtolite FD laser has the ideal wavelengths for such in-depth imaging.  The laser delivers pulses minimizing photo-bleaching of the proteins and photo-damage of the tissue, leading to further development of in-vivo and long-time imaging.  The video is obtained by using the Femtolite FD laser, delivering pulses through fiber cable, easily integrated into the microscope.