IMRA Introduces MUSASHI Laser Processing Workstation at Photonics West 2014

By February 4, 2014News

Ann Arbor, MI – IMRA America is excited to announce the introduction of its first full laser processing solution, MUSASHI.

Since releasing its first commercial femtosecond fiber laser in 1995, IMRA has long been at the forefront of adopting femtosecond lasers for industrial applications. Today, IMRA has hundreds of femtosecond lasers deployed in industrial manufacturing sites across the world.

Following years of successful integration of IMRA’s femtosecond lasers in industrial manufacturing environments, the introduction of MUSASHI serves as IMRA’s commitment to providing full laser processing solutions, closing the gap between the laser source and the laser application.

Based on IMRA’s proprietary laser technology and material processing technology, MUSASHI is a uniquely capable system, offering solutions for industrial applications such as cutting, drilling, and welding for both transparent and non-transparent materials – all while achieving speeds substantially higher than conventional ultrafast material processing. MUSASHI will allow IMRA to provide a fully integrated machine along with complete solutions for customers’ requirements, all with the high reliability that IMRA’s lasers are known for.

MUSASHI will be on display at IMRA’s booth (#1639) at Photonics West 2014 in San Francisco, CA. SmartBlade MUSASHI™ and SmartWeld MUSASHI™, machines optimized for cutting and welding, respectively, will be introduced at the show. All visitors are welcome to see the machine in person and join IMRA for periodic video demonstration of the machine in operation. IMRA staff will be available at the booth to answer questions about MUSASHI.

For further questions regarding MUSASHI or IMRA, please contact:
Nikki Cwirka
Phone: (734) 930-2594

About IMRA America, Inc.: founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1990, it is dedicated to the development of ultrafast fiber laser technologies for commercial applications. IMRA’s technology portfolio includes over 450 US and international patents and patent applications. The company’s pioneering technologies, rigorous quality control and high volume manufacturing operation make IMRA’s products the sound choice for scientific, OEM and industrial use. IMRA also continues with cutting edge research in areas of new functional nano-materials for bio-medical and energy applications, keeping IMRA front and center in a broad spectrum of research and development.