IMRA Introduces 20 Watt fiber laser at Photonics West 2014

By January 30, 2014News

Ann Arbor, Michigan – IMRA will start offering its highest power femtosecond fiber laser product yet, the FCPA μJewel D-20K, as a standard product at the upcoming Photonics West show in San Francisco, CA.

The FCPA μJewel D-20K is a high-power Yb-based femtosecond fiber laser offering 20 W of average power at a pulse energy of 20 μJ. This laser is designed for industrial integration, where reliability and uptime are critical. Based on IMRA’s proven FCPA μJewel technology, the D-20K can also be a robust tool for research and academic environments. Having offered customers the D-20K as a custom product in the past, IMRA now includes it as part of its standard product line.

Operating at a repetition rate of 1 MHz, the D-20K is particularly well-suited for high speed material processing, further enabling applications such as micromachining, wafer dicing, transparent material welding, pulsed laser deposition, thin film scribing, and other applications in which throughput is critical.

The fully air-cooled FCPA D-20K is one of the highest power femtosecond fiber lasers on the market. The all-fiber architecture allows for passive cooling of the laser head and high environmental stability.

The FCPA D-20K will be on display at IMRA’s Photonics West booth (#1639) for the duration of the show, February 4-6. IMRA staff will be available throughout the show to answer any questions about FCPA D-20K or related applications.

In addition, IMRA will introduce the FCPA DE series high energy femtosecond fiber lasers, offering up to 50 μJ pulse energy. The FCPA DE series is another formerly custom offering to be established as an IMRA standard product.

For further questions regarding FCPA D-20K or IMRA, please contact:
Nikki Cwirka
Phone: (734) 930-2594

About IMRA America, Inc.: founded in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1990, it is dedicated to the development of ultrafast fiber laser technologies for commercial applications. IMRA’s technology portfolio includes over 450 US and international patents and patent applications. The company’s pioneering technologies, rigorous quality control and high volume manufacturing operation make IMRA’s products the sound choice for scientific, OEM and industrial use. IMRA also continues with cutting edge research in areas of new functional nano-materials for bio-medical and energy applications, keeping IMRA front and center in a broad spectrum of research and development.