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IMRA is committed to pioneering research and development (R&D) of critical ultrafast laser-based technologies for users in a range of industrial sectors. We have developed a suite of industrial lasers based on cutting-edge fiber-chirped pulse amplification (FCPA), enabling us to satisfy increasingly challenging processing requirements.

The ultrafast dynamics of our proprietary femtosecond industrial lasers allow for surgically-precise ablation of an extremely diverse array of materials. Through continuous product development and implementation of key technologies, we can expand the capabilities of industrial laser products in unprecedented areas such as transparent material processing and glass welding. Alongside our engineering expertise, we have high volume manufacturing capacities and robust quality assurance and control protocols in place.

IMRA FCPA Industrial Lasers

First introduced to industrial users in 2004 ultrafast FCPA lasers now set the benchmark for precisely selective ablation in various material processing applications. Our patented line of FCPA industrial lasers is renowned for its refined output pulse performance, and product reliability. To address various market applications, our femtosecond µJewel product line is comprised of three distinct models:

  • DE Series
  • DX Series
  • DH Series

Each of these ultrafast infrared industrial lasers is factory configured to 5 MHz repetition rates, and pulse selection, which empowers users with as many as 15 pre-set pulse repetition rates across a wide range. We will explore each of these industrial laser ranges in more detail below.

DE Series Industrial Lasers

The DE Series comes with a choice of laser power ratings of up to 10, 20, or 30 W, and operate at 1045 nm wavelength in the infrared. These industrial lasers are designed to operate with pulses in the femtosecond range, with maximum pulse widths of 400 femtoseconds. Operators can select either high energy or high average power configurations, with the high energy variant ranging up to 50 microjoules (μJ) per pulse. As a result, the DE Series of industrial lasers can reliably process a wide range of materials, including polymers, such as for electronics or medical applications.

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We also offer the DE ULTRA, which converts the laser’s infrared output to green or ultraviolet wavelengths using integrated harmonic generation.

DX Series Industrial Lasers

The DX Series is a compact, air-cooled laser model suitable for distinct industrial material processing applications. Utilizing the same 1045nm wavelength output as the DE Series, our DX femtosecond lasers offer average powers of up to 5 W with a standard repetition rate of 100 kHz. Using similar harmonic generation methods to the DE ULTRA, the DX system also converts its femtosecond laser output to the green and UV wavelengths.

DH Series Industrial Lasers

The DH Series is our high power and high pulse-energy industrial laser model.  It offers average power levels up to 50 W and pulse energy up to 80 μj. Pulse widths are configured to be <600 femtoseconds, at the nominal repetition rates of 600 kHz. These profoundly powerful industrial lasers are often employed for challenging requirements, such as machining extremely hard materials or processing of transparent materials.

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If you would like to learn more about our industrial laser specifications or applications, simply contact a member of the IMRA sales team today.

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