Femtolite F / G / H Series


Erbium-doped Raman-shifted Femtosecond Fiber Lasers

Proprietary Raman-shifting technology that creates a clean pulse shape and spectrum at the unique wavelength of 810 nm makes the Femtolite™ a convenient replacement for the ubiquitous Ti:Sapphire laser.  This enables new possibilities for the use of femtosecond lasers in clinical and industrial settings. Since its introduction in 2005, the Femtolite has been a reliable workhorse in many applications.  It is now available with powers up to 150 or 200 mW at 810 nm and 1620 nm. Target applications include Terahertz wave generation and detection, multiphoton fluorescence microscopy and second harmonic imaging.


  • HX-150 offers continuously adjustable power at dual wavelengths
  • Compact and robust design for easy integration
  • Mechanical reliability complies with MIL-STD-810F and IEC 60601-1 standards
  • Regulatory certifications available

Laser Specifications

Center Wavelength 805 ± 15 nm 810 ± 15 nm 1620 ± 40 nm 810 ± 15 nm 1620 ± 40 nm
Average Power ≥ 100 mW ≥ 150 mW ≥ 200 mW ≥ 150 mW ≥ 200 mW
Pulse Duration ≤ 120 fs ≤ 140 fs ≤ 100 fs ≤ 140 fs ≤ 100 fs
Dimensions (mm³) 230 x 193 x 76
Repetition Rate 75 ± 10  MHz

Femtolite F G H Family Datasheet


Femtolite HX-150 Wavelength Selection Settings
Application Note: Nonlinear Microscopy with the Femtolite Fiber Laser
Application Note: Terahertz with the Femtolite Fiber Laser

Some Relevant Application Papers:

Laser Model
F-100 2013 Noise Analysis and Optimization of Terahertz Photoconductive Emitters
F-100 2012 Effecting factor of peak frequency of THz wave from photoconductive antennas
F-100 2012 Fiber laser based two-photon fret measurement of calmodulin and mcherry-E0GFP proteins