About IMRA

IMRA America, Inc. is the world leader in the research, development, manufacture, and application of ultrafast fiber lasers.

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Our History: Innovative Ideas for Developing Technology

fall-photo (IMRA) was first established in Valbonne/Nice, France in 1986. The original organization, now called IMRA Europe S.A.S., includes a branch in the United Kingdom. In 1990, IMRA America was founded in Ann Arbor, MI and has become a key member of a global set of companies anchored by the All AISIN Group of Japan, which is the world’s third largest manufacturer of automotive components.

As an AISIN organization, IMRA’s facilities are dedicated to creative research and innovation through the international exchange of ideas and advancements, leading to the development of essential technologies for future industrial use. To achieve this, IMRA America has assembled a team of top-notch researchers and engineers from many disciplines and regions, including some of the brightest talent offered by the international scientific community.

Throughout the early 1990s, IMRA performed fundamental research on ultrafast fiber lasers.  The scientific advancement gained from this research ultimately led to the development of IMRA’s first commercial product in 1995, the Femtolite. Since that time, IMRA has continued to expand its research base and product line into emerging markets.

The company operates with strong product development and engineering competencies, high-volume manufacturing capability, and rigorous quality control benchmarked to industrial standards. As the oldest and most experienced femtosecond fiber laser company, IMRA’s history reflects the successful implementation of breakthrough technologies.

Our Mission

At the inception of the international IMRA network, Mr. Minoru Toyoda, honorary advisor to the All AISIN Group, set forth the guiding principal of “World Harmony through the Development and Sharing of Science and Technology.” Through its research, development of new technologies, and global partnerships, IMRA America strives to continue to live up to the uncompromising expectations and philosophy of Mr. Toyoda.

What We Do: Research, Development, and Manufacturing

Through its investment in fundamental technology research, IMRA has been a pioneer in the femtosecond fiber laser industry. The company has built an extensive intellectual property portfolio that serves as a foundation for its laser technology and products. Continued development of this technology has kept IMRA at the forefront of state-of-the-art ultrashort pulse laser systems. IMRA is devoted to both the development and manufacture of the world’s most reliable and robust femtosecond lasers, and to the advancement of scientific knowledge through original research. IMRA’s dedication to strict manufacturing standards ensures the production of lasers with unmatched reliability and durability.

Our Market: Enabling Applications by Engineering Reliability

IMRA’s international clientele includes Carl Zeiss Meditec AG in Germany, and DISCO Corporation, headquartered in Japan.  In 2007, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, a world leader in high-end ophthalmology equipment, chose IMRA to supply the laser engine for their globally distributed VisuMax LASIK system. DISCO Corporation recognized the superior quality and reliability of IMRA’s femtosecond fiber laser and in 2012, selected IMRA to supply fiber lasers for 24/7 operation in industrial manufacturing at its customers’ facilities.

IMRA has successfully positioned ultrafast laser technology in the production environment — a feat once deemed impossible!

Our Growth: Through Global Innovation

The number of IMRA lasers deployed in scientific and industrial markets worldwide has surpassed 1,000 units and is expected to grow rapidly. In the past, femtosecond lasers were limited to use in laboratory settings. The success of IMRA’s products has proven that ultrashort pulse lasers have a place in real-world applications. In 2010, IMRA America established the Japan Business Office (JBO) in Kariya, Japan, in recognition of the growing global need for ultrafast lasers in both research and industry.  This office now operates as a fully-functional sales unit, covering IMRA sales throughout the Asian market.  IMRA further increased its capability in the industrial market in 2014 by introducing Musashi, a full-featured ultrafast laser processing solution utilizing IMRA’s proprietary laser technology.

Through continuing research and innovation, IMRA is poised to expand its capacity and add new personnel as demand for ultrafast fiber lasers increases. IMRA America’s growth as of 2014 includes:

  • An increase from 22 to 95 employees
  • Expansion from our original 11,000 to 33,150 to now 54,790 square feet with the addition of a LEED Gold Certified building
  • Creation of an intellectual property portfolio with more than 550 granted and pending patents

IMRA confidently welcomes the challenges and opportunities of the future.