Ultrashort laser pulses, with durations approaching the timescales of fundamental atomic and molecular processes, are useful in a range of scientific disciplines. They deliver energy so quickly that new processes and observations are possible. Their short duration allows them to probe delicate living structures without destroying them and make material modifications on the micron scale with minimal or precisely controllable heat effects.

IMRA Femtosecond Fiber Lasers enable this powerful technology to be applied in the real world, outside of science labs, by providing the highest performance ultrashort pulse lasers in a form that can be utilized by industry and medicine.

The Application Areas for IMRA products fall into the main categories at right (click for more information).

Development and testing of promising uses of femtosecond fiber laser technology are conducted at Applications Research Laboratories in Ann Arbor, MI; Fremont, CA; and Kariya, Japan. These facilities are available to potential customers for proof-of-feasibility testing prior to purchase of an IMRA product. IMRA has also established a Premier Applications Laboratory (PAL) network to explore a wider range of opportunities through partnerships with universities and research institutes.