IMRA Scientific

Since unveiling the first fiber laser frequency comb in 2002, IMRA has continuously improved frequency comb technology, repeatedly introducing innovative comb concepts and pushing the performance envelope. IMRA offers the Ecomb product line centered around its robust and reliable erbium fiber lasers, first introduced in 1995, as well as high performance and user friendly locking electronics.

IMRA comb systems are available in rack-mounted and table-top versions aimed at saving lab space and providing maximum flexibility.  All control and actuator electronics are integrated in the comb enclosure rather than multiple control boxes which provides a simple set-up even for the most complex and demanding experiments. IMRA also offers support electronics that includes a compact, multi-channel, high voltage amplifier.

At-A-Glance Comparison:

Ecomb 250R



Max Repetition Rate:

250 MHz

Max Tuning Range:

600 kHz

Ecomb 200T



Max Repetition Rate:

200 MHz

Max Tuning Range:

300 kHz

Locking Systems


Universal Lock Box


Multi-channel, High-voltage Amplifiers