Technical Publications

The Technical Publications section allows visitors to browse or directly search for publications of interest to them.  There are numerous publications about research conducted either at IMRA’s facilities or with IMRA’s lasers.

IMRA’s Pioneering Technology

Since its foundation in 1990 as in institute for advanced research, IMRA has made significant contributions to science and technology.  IMRA’s technological achievements have been featured considerably in technical conference proceedings and in a variety of renowned scientific journals.  An extensive list of research papers published by IMRA’s team members is available below.
Publications by IMRA

As a manufacturer of reliable high-performance femtosecond fiber lasers, IMRA has influenced many areas of experimental research.  IMRA’s lasers have been cited in numerous scientific papers, many of which can be found throughout this website on the relevant Application Area pages.  A representative list is available below.
Publications using IMRA lasers