Femtosecond UV LightsourceHHG Neo

IMRA brings its rich history of femtosecond fiber laser development to the HHG Neo, a femtosecond high harmonic module.  An optional addition to the FCPA µJewel laser, the HHG Neo is available integrated directly into the laser head or as an external module (pictured).  Users have the ability to select the output wavelength of IR, green, and UV, depending on the application needs.  As a UV lightsource, the HHG Neo provides higher photon energy and a tighter focal area enabling more precise features and better photon absorption for processing transparent materials.

UV Specifications with FCPA DE laser*

Average Power 1 – 2 W
Pulse Energy 0.5 – 5 µJ
Repetition Rate 100 – 1 MHz
Pulse Duration ≤ 500 fs
Wavelength 348 nm
(optional 261 nm)
*Specification depends on the FCPA laser; combinations with DX lasers are also available.