Femtolite FD Series

Femtosecond laser pulse delivered by fiber cable


The FD Series of laser is designed uniquely to deliver fs laser pulses via an optical fiber cable to user application.  In 2015 IMRA introduced the laser primarily targeting at the imaging application of proteins at 1045 nm.  However, this fiber-coupled product can serve many other applications where a handy delivery of fs pulses are required in flexible fashion.  The first product of the FD Series, FD/D-FD-1000S, offers over 1 W of average fiber delivered power with 200 fs along with high speed blanking function at less than 1 μs.  All one-box design cooled by air allows for easy integration into workstations and laser machines. Target applications include microscopy and second harmonic imaging.


  • Fiber-delivered fs pulse by 3-4 m of optical cable
  • Over 1 W of fiber average power
  • Integrated high speed pulse modulator
  • One-box air cooled package

Laser Specifications

Center Wavelength 1045 ± 5 nm
Average Power ≥ 1.0 W
Pulse Duration ≤ 200 fs
Repitition Rate 50 ± 5 MHz
Power Modulation internal AOM, <1μs
Dimensions (mm³) 500 x 540 x 270

Femtolite FD/D FD datasheet