Product Lines

A Succession of Ultrafast Laser Breakthroughs

After creating the first commercially available turn-key femtosecond fiber laser in 1995, IMRA developed the Femtolite series of compact ultrafast fiber laser products.  Current products include the Femtolite Ultra, released in 2004, the Femtolite FX-100i in 2011, and the Femtolite HX-150 in 2012.  The Femtolite series lasers offer a variety of wavelengths and power levels for demanding clinical, laboratory and microscopy applications.

For industrial and OEM applications, IMRA developed the FCPA product in 2000, followed by 2004’s robustly engineered FCPA µJewel product line.  By 2007, the FCPA product had opened up the real-world industrial OEM applications for femtosecond fiber lasers.  The high power and pulse energy, provided by this product line at high pulse repetition rates, have created new application possibilities for micromachining and materials processing.  In 2014 IMRA released its FCPA DE series lasers and more recently, in 2016, the DX series.  These products integrate decades of innovation, research and advancement into a single package with a performance which up a few years ago, was considered only a dream.

All IMRA products undergo rigorous environmental and quality testing before they are introduced as a released product.  All Femtolite, DE, and DX laser sources meet the challenging requirements of our quality assurance criteria.  See our Quality & Reliability page for more information.

FCPA µJewel Product Line: DE SeriesDX Series

First developed in 2000, IMRA’s Fiber Chirped Pulse Amplified (FCPA) technology offers µJoule pulse energies for materials processing, tissue modification, imaging and nonlinear optics. The FCPA μJewel line was announced in 2004 and has been widely adopted for OEM applications. The μJewel product line has been expanded with the DE series in 2014, and DX series in 2016, providing high pulse energy and average power for high-throughput applications. This proven, robust product is designed and manufactured in Ann Arbor, MI, with a redundant production facility in Kariya, Japan.


Femtolite Product Line: F / G / H Series

The Femtolite F-100 was released in 2005 to offer higher power than the Femtolite Ultra.  Up to 150 mW near 800 nm, this product is a great replacement for the Ti:Sapphire laser in scientific and industrial environments.  Joining the series in 2011 was the HX-150, a fiber laser with simultaneous dual outputs of 810 and 1620 nm.  Specifically suited fields of applications for the Femtolite series of femtosecond lasers are imaging and spectroscopy. The F/G/H series covers a wavelength range of 805, 810, and 1620 nm.  They are designed and manufactured in Ann Arbor, MI.



Femtolite Product Line: FD Series

 In 2015 IMRA introduced an FD Series laser for delivering femtosecond laser pulses by fiber.  The idea for the FD series is for the application of imaging requiring the wavelength of 1045 nm, such as that of proteins.  Like the rest of the Femtolite lasers, the FD is optimal for imaging and spectroscopy applications, especially those in need of a flexible pulse delivery by fiber cable.  This laser is designed and manufactured in Ann Arbor, MI.