IMRA in the Media

2012 Title
Industrial Laser Solutions September/October 2012 Micro-processing with ultrafast fiber lasers
Laser Focus World           July 2012 Broadband OPO spans the mid-IR, no tuning needed
Optics & Photonics News  May 2012 Advances in Yb:fiber frequency comb technology
Nature News & Views
February 2012
Precision measurement: a comb in the extreme ultraviolet
Laser Focus World
February 2012
High harmonic generation pushes spectroscopy to the cutting edge
2011 Title
August 2011
IMRA America donates $150,000 to boost solar team, schools, police, fire, health
March 2011
Japan roots prompt Ann Arbor area companies to raise funds for tsunami relief
2010 Title
Detroit Free Press September 2010 “Under the Radar” with Lasers
Ann Ann Arbor Township IMRA America facility earns LEED Gold certification
Laser Focus World Online January 2010 Fiber lasers bring femtoseconds to the masses
2009 Title
OPN Magazine
May 2009
Solid-state lasers: Progress through the ages
2008 Title
Winter 2008
Ultrafast track: the buzz about ultrafast-pulse lasers gets louder
Laser Focus World December 2008 Femtosecond fiber laser enables reliable wafer-level processing
Laser Focus World
July 2008
Ultrafast fiber lasers forge new microprocessing frontiers
Crain’s Detroit Bus. Journal March 2008 IMRA’s ultrafast lasers bring precision, profits
2007 Title
OPN Magazine
December 2007
Ultrafast laser microwelding
Laser Focus World September 2007 Ultrafast lasers produce nanoparticles
February 2007
A reliable tool for microfabrication
Industrial Laser Solutions January 2007 Not just fast, ultrafast
2005 Title
Regional-Europäischer Wirtschaft-Spiegel Netzwerk lässt Laser stärker strahlen (In German)
IMRA makes lasers faster
O plus E (Japan)
November 2005
Fs-Fiber Lasers and Applications
2004 Title
Semiconductor International
December 2004
フェムト秒 ファイバレーザーの半導体の応用 (In Japanese)
Femtosecond fiber laser for semiconductor applications
2003 Title
OPN Magazine
May 2003
Photonic device fabrication with femtosecond laser oscillators
2002 Title
Industrial Laser Solutions
May 2002
Femtosecond lasers for manufacturing
2000 Title
Industrial Laser Solutions
January 2000
Fiber lasers have advantages
Laser Focus World
August 2000
Femtosecond fiber lasers hit power highs
Scientific American September 2000 Ultrashort-pulse lasers: big payoffs in a flash
1999 Title
Photonics Spectra
May 1999
Ultrafast lasers: the no-tweak solution
OPN Magazine
May 1999
Can Ultrafast Lasers Meet Industry Expectations?
1998 Title
Laser Focus World
April 1998
Doped optical fibers promise compact femtosecond sources
O plus E (Japan)
July 1998
Lasers for two-photon applications
1997 Title
Photonics Spectra December 1997 Fiber Lasers: a little package carries a big punch