Applications Center

Ultrashort pulse lasers can be used for unique applications that are not possible using other technologies. The number of ultrashort pulse laser applications demonstrated by IMRA and others have grown steadily since the 2004 introduction of the FCPA µJewel.

The FCPA µJewel’s robust and reliable design has enabled applications that were not practical in the past with solid state lasers.  These lasers were less stable and emitted pulses at a much lower repetition rate.

The high repetition rate of the FCPA µJewel facilitates faster processing speeds with minimal thermal damage. Varying the processing conditions can also be used to precisely deposit heat within a microscopic region below the surface of a transparent target.

IMG_3764 compressedIMRA’s Applications Centers are equipped with the latest FCPA µJewel lasers, as well as advanced prototypes, to allow potential customers to demonstrate the feasibility of their applications before purchasing a laser. Contact IMRA today to discuss your need for sample testing, schedule a visit to our newly renovated Application Development Center in Fremont, California, or setup a laser loan to be used at your facility today!