Nano- and microstructuring of SiO2 and Sapphire with fs-laser induced selective etching

M. Horstmann-Jungemann, J. Gottmann, D. Wortmann
J. Laser Micro / Nanoeng. Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 135-140

FCPA µJewel D-1000

Sub wavelength ripples perpendicular to the polarisation of the laser radiation are obtained by scanning a tightly focused beam (~1 µm) of femtosecond laser radiation over the surface and through the volume of various materials. The ripple patterns extend terns extend coherently over many overlapping laser pulses and scanning tracks. The cross-sections and the surface of the ripples and in volume nanoplanes are investigated using electron microscopy. By using microscope objectives with higher Numerical Apertures micro-channels can be fabricated with a technique called In Volume Selective Laser Etching (ISLE).

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